Friday, May 17, 2013

Day-cation Adventure 4

Thursday’s “day-cation” started with a trip to Rutledge to purchase a twin-sized bed. Normally, this would not be worth mentioning except for how I had to drive home. I own a Trailblazer, and if I let down the backseats, I have about five feet of space to put in things. Apparently, I needed five and a half feet of space because my “trunk” wouldn’t close. In order to get it to close, I had to let up the front row of seats; yes, that would be my driver’s seat. Everyone knows I have long legs, which has always been a perk. Yesterday it wasn’t; I drove home with my knees up around my ears!

I spent part of my morning in the mayor’s office trying to work out details for the beginning of a new community theater project. As of right now, we will be performing Crimes of the Heart on August 16 & 17 at the Ritz Theater in lovely downtown Greenville. I have never directed a production, so I am both elated and terrified. I’m sure many of my future blog posts will be about this experience, and it will be filled with what I learn along the way.

I rounded out my morning with a trip back to the stacks in the court house. In looking for an article on an ancestor, I came across a fascinating murder of the Honorable Bartow Lloyd, age 36, who in August 1897 was shot and killed by John A. Gafford. I am going to type up the article and include it in this blog at a later date, but it’s fascinating. According to Gafford, the married Mr. Lloyd was dishonoring Mr. Gafford’s sister’s reputation. Hhhhmmmhhh!

Another article I found was a despicable piece on “Blue Gums.” It is short enough for me to include it here, but readers beware that it is a terrible article showing racism at its worse. The article is also from 1897.