Monday, May 20, 2013

Day-cation Adventures 5, 6, & 7

I have not forgotten about my adventures posting, but my Friday day-cation was rather boring. The only thing I did that was notable was to get a meningitis vaccine, which now has a rather colorful reaction site. Go figure. I did manage to get our other bedroom reorganized for practical purposes. Friday night I went to a painting party at my cousin Mitzy's house.

Here's my owl:

Saturday was a true fun day for me and Ronald. We went to Big Kahuna’s water park. My son does not like water or fun or us (he’s 13, so what do you expect), so he did not go. It was just the big kids. Big Kahuna’s is a lot of fun, but there are things no one warns you about regarding the aftermath of all this enjoyment. First off, Big Kahuna’s has hundreds, if not thousands, of stairs, and I fully believe I climbed each one…twice. Before we left, I was already feeling the major throbbing in my legs that I am still feeling two days later. Honestly, all the fun we had Saturday is why I could not move on Sunday. I can barely walk…still.

The pains aside, Big Kahuna’s is attractive and reasonably priced, except the food, but they have to make their money somehow. I predict that a return trip is in store for the family this summer when our Russian daughter comes home for a short visit! We are so excited that Polina will be with us, even if it is only for a month. L

Sunday, the final day of my day-cations was spent recuperating from Saturday. You know that people say you need a vacation from your vacation? Well, amen to that! I did get an entire Dan Brown novel (Inferno) read, but it was because just walking to the bathroom was a fete!

My day-cations are over, and it’s back to work as usual. Thank goodness!